Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge
Learn, Laugh, Have fun, Work together, Explore new thinking
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Stress, tension, poor communication and low morale are all problems that hinder productivity in today's business world. Corporate Challenge is a unique, motivational program designed to help businesses boost productivity by helping their employees.....

Corporate Challenge is an innovative tool that utilizes risk-taking and problem solving to develop the leadership, communication, and teamwork skills that are vital to the success of any business. Participants have fun as they tackle the challenges of our teams course and work together to achieve shared objectives.

Corporate Challenge makes every participant a winner! Professionals oversee each phase of the program. Bob Cadwallader, lead instructor, has developed team courses throughout Kentucky and Indiana for the past ten years. With two master degrees, he specializes in mental health and group work.

Bob Cadwallader has been a trainer for National Outward Bound School since 1976.

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